Remove Breadcrumbs from a Magento CMS Page

For a recent ecommerce store we were putting together, the client required a more complex Content Management System than is normally required in a Magento based store.

What was required was a hierarchical CMS. We used a great module called ‘Clever CMS’, available from Magento Connect. This enables CMS pages to have child pages, similar to a Nav bar type arrangement. It also adds breadcrumbs to the top of the CMS pages (as long as the hierarchy is configured correctly), however it added breadcrumbs to the top of the home page which was not what we required.

The good news, the fix is simple…

Go to the custom layout XML for the CMS page and add the following:

‹remove name=”breadcrumbs” ⁄›

Refresh the Magento cache and breadcrumbs are gone!